Who we are

Indonesia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world, with over 760,000 tons of coffee produced in 2019. Most of its production are the Robusta varieties including FINE ROBUSTA coffees from Bengkulu Province. We have the famous 'KOPI Luwak’, also known as the most expensive coffee in the world, and other well known coffees like ’Gayo Coffee’ and ‘Mandailing Coffee’. BENCOOLEN coffee brand is developed and managed by Cyberindo Persada Nusantara (CPN). CPN is part of the Cybers Group as support with The Bengkulu Provincial Government to boost export of coffee Bengkulu.

Bengkulu in 2019 received multiple awards from AVPA France for their superior coffee for the Rejanglebong and Kepahiang areas. Cybers Coffee Inc. (CII) is part of the Cybers group expansion program. Its establishment is to promote Indonesia coffee from Gayo coffee to Wamena internationally besides having its own home grown coffee from Bengkulu which is The BENCOOLEN COFFEE brand. Cybers Coffee Inc. (CII) is registered in Singapore as a trading hub to facilitate coffee trading around the world.

You will get two benefits at the same time being able to join us:

First advantage in Coffee Business Services:

  1. We will make an Indonesian coffee display in your place. A place where you can make Indonesian coffee storefronts and Indonesian coffee buying centers in your location.
  2. The place can be used as the center of the Indonesian coffee business where buyers can test and cupping the taste of Indonesian coffee.
  3. Making the center of information and sales of Indonesian green bean coffee in your area.
  4. Brand development in the form of coffee sachets in your country.
  5. Trading Coffee Partners.
  6. Cybers coffee Consulting Partners.
  7. Supporting for Franchise Bencoolen Coffee.


Another advantage is Cybers Services:

  1. As a tourism information center to enter the Indonesian market .
  2. Remittance business .
  3. Indonesia’s consulting & supporting product center to be sold in your country.
  4. Cybers Meeting Services.
  5. Kopi Blockchain (Loyalty, Payment & Investment).


Our Team

Ir. Dedi Yudianto, MBA


Dr. Mohd. Fazlin Ab. Rahman

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Septiana A Estri M

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Kam Vongsakoun

Chef Marketing Officer (CMO)

Dadan Hermawan

Chef Technology Officer (CTO)